CiteSeer is a scientific literature digital library and search engine which automatically crawls and indexes scientific documents in the field of computer and information science. It has over 730,000 documents with over 8 million citations. It is primarily hosted at the Penn State University under the guidance of Dr. Lee Giles.

Next Generation CiteSeer or CiteSeerx initiative aims to enhance the existing search engine by redesigning the architecture for increased utility and reliability, expanding the breadth and depth of the collection, providing personalized services to the users by making use of their individual search histories, exploting patterns of citations etc. This is a joint effort between the Penn State University and the University of Arkansas.

Semantic CiteSeerx aims to enhance CiteSeerx with intelligent functionality by mining CiteSeerx’s extensive collection of research literature to provide users with knowledge they can use to improve and expedite their research from the planning stage to the publication of research results. The efforts here at University of Arkansas mainly focus on designing and developing new personalization features for CiteSeer. Our approach to personalization is based on conceptual user profiles. Our previous experience with KeyConcept proved that conceptual profiles are an efficient way to represent user interests.